Blogging and Q&A websites- Two different things.

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen.

A few days ago, before announcing my temporary hiatus from the Q&A website ‘Quora’, I was pondering on the idea of creating a blog, partly because I love to write, and partly because it makes me look really cool in front of my friends.

Honestly, I was pretty much enjoying my journey on Quora. I made some amazing friends and wrote about a lot of stuff too. I came across ‘Trolls’ and ‘creeps’ and safe played the ‘moderation’ too.

Structurally, Quora has changed a lot. From being just a regular Q&A website like ‘Yahoo Answers’, to almost appearing in every second link on a typical Google based search, the transition has been magnificent.

The major point that still needs to be mentioned is it’s amazing ‘commercialization’ strategy. Quora honors it’s ‘Top Writers’ and gives them goodies and organizes ‘Quora meet-ups’ (although many of them are unofficial, but still). This is one of the reasons why everyone wants to be famous on Quora or Reddit. You’re treated no less than a celebrity, trust me.

It has a blog feature too. So technically, Quora has improved a lot upon it’s status as a Q&A website.

However, it was only after leaving Quora that I realized how easy it was for me to write there. In fact, Quora makes it easier for people by providing ‘Pre-stated’ questions. Writing answers to pre-stated questions is well, no big deal.

My thoughts on writing and creativity underwent a major shift of ideology when I made a WordPress account, and tried to understand the real ‘Blogging’ scenario.

Unlike Quora, WordPress, or any other Blogging Website lets us start from the scratch. It totally depends on us whether we want to write about relationships, politics or music. It’s how one grows gradually, from a ‘nobody’, into a significant ‘Somebody’ .

Since Blogs require a lot of thinking, brainstorming and creativity, it’s actually a good exercise for our brains as well. It’s a heaven for those who love to write and express themselves through the written word.

Besides creativity, Blogging also instills a sense of ‘organization’, with different people trying out different design modules to suit their style and their website. A Q&A portal like Quora, Reddit or Yahoo Answers doesn’t aid customization.

Blogging and Q&A websites are like the two polar ends of the same beautiful thing- ‘Writing’ .

Let the passion for writing prevail, everlong!

Cheers ❤️


From my days on Quora.

I have taken a temporary break from writing on ‘Quora’, only to explore the vastness of Blogging.

One of my friends recommended me to try out ‘WordPress’, so here I finally am.

With almost 500 followers on Quora, my major focus has always been to deliver more quality content on whatever topics I write on.

From my days on Quora, I can tell you that there is a whole lot of difference between these two platforms.

Some of the major differences which I have noticed are as-

  • Quora has a seriously strict ‘Moderation’ policy.
  • Quora doesn’t aid ‘creativity’ . It has pre-defined questions to which one writes answers. WordPress is more stimulating in this sense.
  • The moderation team at Quora is not accountable to any bans it induces on profiles. No specific reason for bans is ever disclosed by Quora.
  • Earning followers on Quora is easier than doing so on WordPress.

It would be fun to see how this venture of mine unfolds.


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